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we buy car and vans with engine failures

Engine failure in cars and vans are one of the most expensive repair jobs anyone can experience.  The repair can even be more costly than the resale value of the damaged car.  Research supports this, it’s a reason why car and van owners are usually advised to sell the damaged vehicle instead of investing in a new engine.  This can be a tough idea for you to accept.  But acknowledging this fact can pay you a big dividend.

The lists of engine fault are extensive.  Some of the common faults include overheating, loss of power, misfiring, unusual engine noises and trouble starting.  Heat and friction are not pleasant for your engine. To avoid the pain of engine failure, it’s important to keep the engine lubrication and coolant mechanism in order.

The most severe engine problems are attributed to engine overheating which came as a result of the absence of coolants. This heats the engine bearing – if the bearings fail, the engine often seizes.  When the bearings are worn out and fail, engines tend to emit a loud rattling or knocking sound as the slack in the metallic parts collide with each other.

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