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Life can become expensive in a situation where your vehicle breaks down frequently.  While MOT tests are designed for your vehicle safety, they are also useful in discovering costly car repairs that are needed to keep your vehicle road-worthy.

At WebuyAnyBrokenCarsandVansSouthWales, our in-house valuations advisors are experts in the field and have a thorough understanding of all MOT failures and their associated costs.

When planning to sell your car fast, it’s important for you to provide us with some information that will help in costing your vehicle appropriately.  Providing us with the test number from the MOT failure print out or the document reference number from the V5C logbook can enable our team to examine your vehicle history.  It will also assist us to identify those faults that are frustrating the car repair process.  If so, then sell your MOT failure to us today.

Our objectives for buying your vehicle include one of the following purposes :

• For its components
• To repair it using parts from other salvage cars

The above points are the major reasons why we are requesting a detailed information about your vehicle.  We follow the best practices to ensure that there is a smooth deal between us. Our practices are different from that of other companies.

Instead of bargaining price at the point of collection, we first make an offer on phone and conclude the deal before coming for collection. Other companies prefer to quote high first, leaving them the opportunity to send someone out to your vehicle to find faults and finally reduce the price of your vehicle.

This can put you in an uncomfortable position and leave you selling your car for less than you would have wanted. We believe in offering client what they deserve.

At WebuyAnyBrokenCarsandVansSouthWales, we don’t compromise standard.

To enjoy a fair pricing system, you need to get a trustworthy buyer for your vehicle. Maybe you’re considering a private buyer.That may not work well for you.

Research shows that most people are reluctant to purchase a vehicle with a poor bill of health.

In fact, transacting with an unregistered entity can present awkward legal situations in the future.

Choosing us can get you the peace of mind and fair pricing system you’ve been expecting.

Simply call on 07514 778123, email
or use our online form.
We will then make you an offer for your vehicle.

If you accept our offer, we will collect it FREE OF CHARGE on the same day or at a date and time convenient to you. We operate 7 days a week which means we can also pick up your vehicle on the weekend.

Our vehicles have the latest lifting equipment so if your vehicle is a non-runner or cannot be towed away, then it’s no problem for us to salvage it. We collect your vehicle for FREE and recycle it for parts. This is kind to the environment and at the same time allows us to offer you a much better price.

We will issue you with a Certificate of Disposal and also fill out all the relevant V5 paperwork for you.